Welcome to Innovative Media at Henderson State University

Innovative Media (IM) is an incubator for new ideas and products in new and rich media and related innovation. The IM program focuses on interdisciplinary team-building in a well-equipped, project-oriented experiential-learning environment designed to foster entrepreneurial skills while embracing the richness of a liberal arts curriculum.

Bachelor of Arts in Innovative Media
Earn a BA or minor in Innovative Media. This degree is an excellent opportunity to explore untried ideas in unconventional ways. We rethink learning and teaching to offer a unique educational experience that reflects the dynamic climate of modern technology. A background in Innovative Media will help you prepare to reinvent the world in the next great way. Choose the freedom and flexibility of a degree plan customizable to your skills and ideas – choose to Innovate with us.

IM Curriculum


IM Minor

What is possible with a degree in Innovative Media

• A Drone Pilot
• An App Maker
• A New Media Journalist
• A Game Designer or Developer
• A Zine Publisher
• A Media Team Developer
• A UI/UX Designer
• An AR/VR Developer
• A VR Interface Designer
• An Interactive Comics Creator
• A New Media Filmmaker
• A Motion Graphics Artist
• An Entrepreneur


Student Opportunities in Innovative Media • Scholarships for publication positions • Internships for IM students • Employment via the IM Agency gives real-world practice in media production for clients • Reddie Media Group (RMG) provides work experience in related media • Travel to New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin and more during select semesters…

Hire IM

The IM Agency

In need of a website, app, commercial, interactive experience, or product design? The IM Agency can fulfill your needs by utilizing our collection of high-end technology and brilliant student resources to creatively solve problems for our clients.

By hiring the IM Agency for your digital media needs, you also benefit our students by enabling them to hone their skills as developers, editors, creators, and problem-solvers. Funding earned by the IM Agency goes towards scholarships, student travel, state-of-the-art equipment and software.