Innovative Media Careers

Alternative Media Producer

IM Graduate and Students find work in these areas

• Social Media Coordinator
• Website Developer
• Drone Videographer
• App Builder
• New Media Journalist
• Zine Publisher
• Media Team Developer
• UI/UX Designer
• VR/Interface Designer
• Interactive Comics Creator
• New Media Filmmaker/Producers
• Motion Graphics Creator
• Entrepreneur

Spring 2021 IM Project Courses

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality – Using software such as Adobe Aero, Apple ARkit and Apple XCode, this project would build mobile AR games and tools while learning basic app development

Enroll in Scott McKinnon’s Project sections: (MW at 3pm) IMD 2103, IMD 3113, IMD 4123, IMD 4133

Virtual Reality Filmmaking

Virtual Reality Filmmaking – Students and faculty in this project will develop stories and other preproduction assets, and use cutting-edge tools – live action and virtual – to create short films. Using the IM Green Screen Studio, After Effects and the Unity Game engine, we’ll shoot and composite show-cased sets created using virtual reality apps to sculpt and build fantastic environments and scenes. We will investigate new trends in digital media production using cutting edge tools.

Enroll in David Stoddard’s Project sections: (TR at 1:30) IMD 2103, IMD 3113, IMD 4123, IMD 4133

Fall 2020 IM Projects

All Students Welcome

Innovative Media offers students from all disciplines to explore topics and tech they love.

Classes begin August 17, 2020.

Dive into “Game Making” technology and “Design Thinking.”

Whether you are an IM major, minor or simply someone who wants to discover more about game or design theory and production, join professors Scott McKinnon and David Stoddard as they dig into these exciting media. You can take either section of Innovative Media Project at any level 2000, 3000 or 4000.

Sign up for one of the following:

Game Making – David Stoddard – Contact:
Web Enhanced – Lab access, short weekly meetings, online discussions and presentations – Tues. and Thurs., 9:30 to 10:50 AM
IM Project – IMD 2103
Intermediate IM Project – IMD 3113
Innovative Media Project Leadership – IMD 4123 Innovative Media Project Leadership 2 – IMD 4133

Design Thinking – Scott McKinnon
Online (asynchronous) – Monday and Wednesday, 1 to 2:20 PM (actual time is TBD) IM Project – IMD 2103
Intermediate IM Project – IMD 3113
Innovative Media Project Leadership – IMD 4123
Innovative Media Project Leadership 2 – IMD 4133

See below for the description for each set of courses.

Innovative Media Projects for Fall 2020

Game Making – David Stoddard

Game engines are emerging as a vital tool in education, entertainment and media. In this course students learn general game production tools and idea, or focus on specific niches of personal interest. Beginners get an introduction to game making to help them gain basic concepts and tools. Armed with their new knowledge students author and design their own game experiences or work with advanced students to develop games that may publish as 2D, 3D or even VR experiences.

Intermediate and advanced students propose projects and continue to develop skills for advanced game technology experiences. The whole class may work to develop assets for these games or other experiences during the second half of the course.

Design Thinking – Scott McKinnon

An introduction to creative cognition theories, creative intelligence testing, and the methodologies of the design thinking process.

The Design Thinking process uses a qualitative, empathetic, multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex or “wicked” problems in creative or unique ways. Companies such as Apple, General Dynamics, Airbnb and GE have employed Design Thinking strategies to help with product development and process implementation. This course will teach students the strategies and tools needed to employ the Design Thinking process and help them gain the knowledge and skills needed to manage and implement Design Thinking across a multitude of various venues.

Working Projects

IM students and faculty are currently using game engines such as Unity to create virtual and immersive learning experiences. We are exploring how to make data visualization more relevant and tangible, as well as using game making technology for film making and storytelling.

IM pursues a variety of grant and client opportunities with the hope of giving students real-world experience with media and new media productions. Some IM students and faculty are currently helping with the production of a documentary film about research into WNS – White Nose Syndrome – that is decimating US bat populations.

Film Making
Take a look at the trailer produced by IM students:

IM has an ongoing reef conservation and marine species project titled Absorbed. It’s being developed as an immersive VR educational tool.

Some are working with a client to produce animated models of medical prosthetics designed to educate patients.

Online Publishing
The Spring 2019 Innovative Media Digital Publishing class created an online book based on the best stories from Forge Magazine over the past 20 years. Forge is the official magazine for the Ellis College of Arts and Sciences. The book FORGED FROM THE EMBERS is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Streaming Media
Innovative Media is an interdisciplinary program. IM students work with mass media students and the HSU eSports team to put on live streaming events for charity.
Check out the HSU eSports team streaming event:


Student Opportunities in Innovative Media • Scholarships for publication positions • Internships for IM students • Employment via the IM Agency gives real-world practice in media production for clients • Reddie Media Group (RMG) provides work experience in related media • Travel to New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin and more during select semesters…

Hire IM

The IM Agency

If you or your organization needs websites, apps, commercials or other media production, interactive experience, or product designs, consider asking the IM Agency. We utilize our collection of high-end technology and brilliant student resources to creatively solve problems for clients.

Hiring the IM Agency for digital media needs enables IM students to hone their skills as developers, editors, creators, and problem-solvers. Client funded projects allows us to build scholarships, and student travel opportunities, as well as enables us to maintain state-of-the-art equipment and software resources.