Current Innovative Media Projects

Experience-Based Learning

Embracing project-driven teamwork, students, faculty and professionals endeavor to creatively solve challenges, develop new user experiences, delve into mixed realities, produce drones-based commercials, create new media content and products that enable graduates to thrive in an environment of change.

IM “project” courses – the program’s backbone – promote interdisciplinary collaboration designed to broaden your experience, skills and interests.

Recent and Current IM Projects


Absorbed: Enter Porifera (Mesoamerican reef and VR sponge anatomy)

Virtual Tours

Drone Shot Commercial

New Media Publication – Spark Magazine

Proposed IM facility

This was a project to visualize a future IM facility. Images on this web gallery were working renders of the space as textures, lighting and furnishings were being added. Since this was proposed, funding for a Fine Arts and Innovative Media Center (combined) has changed what will be constructed. Although the building on this link will not be built, this visualization is an example of design work IM students and faculty create. Ultimately, this model was being installed in a game engine to allow viewers to navigate through the proposed building on the web.

The new building is currently being designed by an architecture firm. If we can get specifications for the actual building, IM may try again to create a navigable, virtual, web tour based on that design.