IM Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts


FOUNDATION COURSES                        (19 HRS)

IMD 1143       Tecnical Skills for Media

(or ART 1793 Digital Skills – for DAD Minor)

MMC 1023     News Reporting/Writing

News Reporting has a co-requisite: MMC 1091 Newspaper Practicum.
With the permission of your advisor you may substitute this with IM Practicum

IMD 2103       Innovative Media Project

MMC 2123     Production Methods I


IMD 3113       Intermediate Innovative Media Project

MMC 4043     Media Law & Ethics

IM ELECTIVES                (20 HRS)

ART 2613       Digital Image – for DAD Minor

IMD 2061       Innovative Media Practicum

EDU 2023       Game-Based Learning

ART 3463       The Digital Page

ART 3803       Interactive Design

MMC 3803     Electronic Editing & Design

MMC 4803     Online Journalism

ART 4823       Motion Graphics

IMD 4033       Digital Publishing

ART 4583       Advanced Studio Media & Design

IMD 4123       Innovative Media Project Leadership

IMD 4133       Innovative Media Project Leadership II

IMD 4043       Independent Study in Innovative Media

IMD 4053       Special Topics in Innovative Media

IMD 4061/2 Innovative Media Practicum (can be repeated)


IM students are encouraged to develop interdisciplinary courses of study.

With the approval of your faculty advisor and the permission of the course

instructor, 3000 or 4000 level courses outside the major may be taken if related

your IM course of study. Some recommended courses:

MKT 3013      Fund of Marketing (permission)

MMC 3493 (WI)        Preproduction

MMC 4113     Advertising Principles and Practices

MMC 4223 (WI)        Magazine and Feature Writing

COM/MMC 4173       Nonfiction Comics

MMC 3213     Production Methods II

MMC 3503     Postproduction

COM 4003      Special Topics in Communication

MMC 4443     Special Topics in Mass Media
GBU 4213      Intro to Entrepreneurship (45 cr. hrs+)
GBU 4223      Applied Entrepreneurship (45 cr. hrs+)

AVN 3143      Fund.of Small Unmanned Aerial Sys
Co Req. AVN 3151    Sm Unmanned Aerial Sys lab

SENIOR EXIT COURSES                         (3 HRS)

IMD 4073       Innovative Media Internship