IM Podcasting Project

In the spring of 2020, a special topics class in podcasting set out to explore the podcast universe. A pandemic knocked students in the class out of campus recording and editing studios, but they persevered, using phones and laptops despite dubious WiFi and storm-related power outages. Here is a selection of what they produced.

Obsure-O Animation-O by Iva Blair

This podcast looks at the more obscure animated productions, “from the weird to overall crap.” Episode 1 considers the 1988 Polish-Swedish animated film, David and the Magic Pearl—a bizarre film with pink elephants, pearls protected by aliens, and a tacked-on environmental message. Join Iva and her brother Will as they discuss this awful animated film from their childhood.

Iva Blair is a graduating senior in Integrated Studies who created the art project Not Your Average Toys and is working on a pet project called A-Town. She is into animation and comics.

Homebody Fitness by Maddy Coffman

Here’s realistic physical and mental advice for adapting to life during covid-19. Episode 1 gives tips for building a healthy foundation. Maddy Coffman understands the mental gymnastics of trying to balance fitness in a stay-at-home order. The podcast covers different exercise formats and features educated guests.

Maddy Coffman is a fitness junkie and former Henderson athlete pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts degree. She studied exercise science at the University of Houston and enjoys all aspects of physical fitness.

Beyond the Heliopause

Five man made objects have completely exited our solar system and are gliding through the interstellar medium in deep space. Corey Howell’s podcast trilogy examines the three missions and the five probes that, should the flame of their makers burn out behind them, will continue to forge into the unknown. 

Corey Howell is a senior in Innovative Media currently working as a video editor and website developer for Heifer International.

Han and Hop College Talk

Have you ever wondered about the differences between out-of-state and in-state college life? Join two sisters (pronounced: H-A-N-N-E and H-O-P) as they explore differences and similarities in the colleges they chose to attend.

Hannah Hodge is a senior mass media major from Houston.


#WhatTheMedia explores what the media is saying about, well, the media. The first episode looks into the ESPN documentary miniseries that became the world’s temporary substitute for actual sports, on the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls NBA Team. Listen to what Twitter and Instagram have to say about #TheLastDance, then listen in as Kynli talks politics with someone from that college across the street. 

Kynli Holder is a Henderson pre-law student with an interest in social media.

Delf Improv by De’Courtneyous Miller

In this first audio performance of the Henderson Improv Club, produced by De’Courtneyous Miller, campus comedians bat around random topics suggested by viewers of a live broadcast. In 30 minutes they try to figure out how Footloose keeps coming up, how Legos stifle a relationship, and what happened to the socks.

De’Courtneyous Miller is a senior studying vocal music education. He’s been listening to podcasts for years and thought it would be fun to learn the inner-workings of creating and releasing one. A local trail and a good podcast keeps him calm in times of quarantine.

Warframe to be Created by Cle’Varus Oney

“Today, or should I say tonight, my friend and I try to create our own Warframe from the game Warframe. Listen to us try to make a character that’s fun, but not too OP, while explaining things the only way we know how…referencing other games.”

Cle’Varus Oney is a May 2020 communication major with interests in anime, manga and video games. He is moving to Chandler, Arizona.

OverTime Takes by Jonathan Smith

A weekly sports podcast offering the hottest and coldest takes in sports. Jonathan Smith and his sports savvy guests cover everything from football to basketball to baseball, plus sports media and all sorts of other sporting topics from around the world.

Jonathan Smith is junior communication major from Jacksonsville, Arkansas, where he was an all-state baseball player.


In his pilot episode, host Donovan Lee flies solo as he discusses the sports world during the virus outbreak. Will business boom in Tampa Bay, or has Brady gone to Florida in search of a retirement home? Is Jalen gonna hit the NFL where it “Hurts,” or was he drafted late for a reason? Are the Ball Brothers about to “Roc” the NBA, or will one bad apple spoil the bunch?

Donovan Lee is a junior majoring in mass media. He has co-hosted a social media show and guests on sports segments for HTV. A sports journalist for The Oracle, Lee is laying the foundation for a career in sports media.

Strange Stuff on DISNEY PLUS

Tired of all of the mainstream picks on Disney Plus? Join a quarantined Pete Tubbs and a few of his roommates as they traverse the service in search of weird and fun finds. In Episode 1 they discuss the vintage insanity of Disney’s ’60s film (classic?), The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Get some background on who the hell came up with this, why Disney made it, and why you should (or shouldn’t) watch it this week.

Pete Tubbs is a master of liberal arts student with a passion for film and all things media. He is the graduate assistant for the Reddie Media Group.

Henderson Journals

Early in the semester, the podcast class recorded a series of short personal interviews on and around campus, modeled after the StoryCorps concept. Here is a sampling of their results.

Dr. Patrick Wempe

Graduate student Madalyn Coffman interviews Dr. Patrick Wempe, professor of recreation, about the unusual story of how he and his wife visited Mongolia 19 years ago and came home with a treasure: their daughter, Angelmaa.

L’liot Curry

It’s all about Redemption in the Ravine. Donovan Lee talks to Henderson receiver L’liot Curry about being cut from one team before transferring and redeeming not only his career, but the glory of a former football powerhouse.

Jane Wolfe on her grandfather

Otha Freeman Henderson Jr. was the voice of the Murfreesboro Rattlers for 50 years and had a profound influence the small Arkansas town as well as on his granddaughter, media student Jade Wolfe. Listen to her reminiscence.

Iva Blair talks to her dad

Iva Blair interviews Steven Blair, her father (and a current Henderson student), about his life as a part-time farmer. They discuss topics ranging from his beginnings to raising horses to the decline of family farms in Arkansas.

Hannah Hodge’s highly educated grandad

In a podcast she calls Double H, media student Hannah Hodge interviews her grandfather, who, despite growing up in a small Alabama town, earned multiple college degrees, starting at Harvard.

Crowning Jordan Jones

Kynli Holder interviews the new Miss Henderson, Jordan Jones, about a life in pageantry.

A silent struggle

De’Courtneyous Miller talks with Henderson music student Kameron Posey about endometriosis. According to The Mayo Clinic, the disorder affects more than 200,000 women each year in the United States alone.

Her angelic voice

For nearly 45 years, the Angelic Voices of Christ has been a vocal student organization on campus. Graduating senior Cle’Varus Oney talks with adviser Wanda Harris about and what she loves about the program.

A flood of memory

Jonathan Smith talks with Henderson student Colt Booth about his life-changing experiences in a vast flood that destroyed some villages when he traveled to southeast Asia on a mission trip.

A wild tail

Originally from Texas and now a senior in biology at Henderson, Grace Wills upended her life to become an intern at a remote Alaskan Zoo. She chronicles her journey to follow her dreams with graduate student Pete Tubbs.