Spring 2021 IM Project Courses

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality – Using software such as Adobe Aero, Apple ARkit and Apple XCode, this project would build mobile AR games and tools while learning basic app development

Enroll in Scott McKinnon’s Project sections: (MW at 3pm) IMD 2103, IMD 3113, IMD 4123, IMD 4133

Virtual Reality Filmmaking

Virtual Reality Filmmaking – Students and faculty in this project will develop stories and other preproduction assets, and use cutting-edge tools – live action and virtual – to create short films. Using the IM Green Screen Studio, After Effects and the Unity Game engine, we’ll shoot and composite show-cased sets created using virtual reality apps to sculpt and build fantastic environments and scenes. We will investigate new trends in digital media production using cutting edge tools.

Enroll in David Stoddard’s Project sections: (TR at 1:30) IMD 2103, IMD 3113, IMD 4123, IMD 4133

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