Innovative Media Projects

Experience-Based Learning

Embracing project-driven teamwork, students, faculty and professionals endeavor to creatively solve challenges, develop new user experiences, delve into mixed realities, produce drones-based commercials, create new media content and products that enable graduates to thrive in an environment of change.

IM “project” courses – the program’s backbone – promote interdisciplinary collaboration designed to broaden experience, skills, and interests.

IM Projects

Spring 2020
IM Builds Video Games
IM Project teams both built their own ideas for video games.
Checkout the Project Pages for both endeavors:

No#a Game Project and Personnel

Grape Escape

IM Podcast Course
The Podcasting Project

Fall 2019
Build an App
Using Swift and Xcode, IM Builds a useful app for the Henderson State University campus Community

IM Show Project
The project team creates multiple visual narratives and experiences using video, 360° video, and VR.

Spring 2019
iOS App Development
This is not the typical IM project. Students and Faculty dig into the use of Swift and Xcode, Apple’s app development tools, to create a functional HSU app and help us build our knowledge base for future IM projects.

The Innovative Media Online Store Project
A major goal for Innovative Media is to build entrepreneurial experiences. Another is to build a self-funding program. This project begins to create an environment and business plan to initiate these goals.

Fall 2018
Absorbed: Enter Porifera – VR Marine Biology
Mesoamerican reef and VR sponge anatomy
(An ongoing project) IM student teams continue to develop and refine the reef experience and function in Unity. This experience will include a fly-through a sponge with a college-level quiz on sponge anatomy.
Video Below: Example of Fish Algorithm used in Unity.

Fish Algorithm

VR Green Screen Cube
IM students worked to create a modular system for a green screen studio cube for mixed reality content. Project students experimented with materials and technologies such as 3D printing to create an easy-to-reconfigure system. Once built, students explored various uses for compositing virtual reality with video using our set up.

Previous Semesters
ReddieBiz App (in partnership with HSU School of Business)
Virtual Campus Tour
Drone-shot HSU Commercial (in partnership with Henderson Television)
Spark Magazine – New Media Publication

Proposed IM Facility
This was a project to visualize a future IM facility. Images on this web gallery were working renders of the space as textures, lighting, and furnishings were being added. Since this was proposed, funding for a Fine Arts and Innovative Media Center (combined) has changed what will be constructed. Although the building on this link will not be built, this visualization is an example of design work IM students and faculty create. Ultimately, this model was being installed in a game engine to allow viewers to navigate through the proposed building on the web.
The new building is currently being designed by an architecture firm. If we can get specifications for the actual building, IM may try again to create a navigable, virtual, web tour based on that design.

Ongoing Projects

Podcasting (in partnership with KSWH 102.9 FM, The Pulse)
Extra Life Charity Telethons (in partnership with Henderson Television and Reddie eSports)
Reddie eSports Streaming (in partnership with Henderson Television and Reddie eSports)