No#a Game Project

I the desktop version of No#a players navigate a character to the safe zone in a post apocalyptic world after exploration leaves them stranded. No#a to the rescue. After solving the first of many puzzles, player meet No#a, a military-grade AI with answers that help to players navigate trouble, find adventure and reach Sanctuary.

The team created, worked, debated and refined the game concept. A lot has been accomplished despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Many major aspects of the game were developed before remote meetings began. Several individuals from this original team continue to develop assets, environment, coding, scenarios and testing methods. The goal is to publish and market in the near future. Check back for updates and links as this project evolves.

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Jennifer Breseman
Project Manager, Coding, Environmental Designer, Story Development

Nicole Shranz
Lead Coder, Movement and Animation Designer, Asset Illustrator

Matthew Jones
tory Development, Lead Writer

Jacob Glasgow
Story Development, Storyboard and Concept Artist

Sam McWhorter
3D Modeling, Character Design, Animation

Tyler Cox
Character Design, Story Development, Environmental Lighting Design

Teresa Valdivia
Story Development, Logo Artist

Morgan Berry
Story Development, AI and Goal Oriented Movement Coding

Hagen Tidball
Concept Development, Sound and Foley Designer

Kolby Reck
Concept Development, Character Design