The IM Store Project

One Store, Four Departments
A major goal for Innovative Media is to create an immersive educational experience in a self-sustaining program. In this project the faculty and student team created an online store to sell IM products and services. IM creates a variety of media including content using the latest tech such as drone-shot footage, 360° video, VR produce video, visual effects and other cutting edge content. We produce both virtual (3D models) and actual content and objects for everything from apps to 3D printing . The students and faculty work with external clients, and on grant-funded projects such as film productions, 3D animation and other agency-based work.

Funding generated through these projects, and other endeavors feed opportunities for IM students. Students earn scholarships, travel opportunities, as well as direct compensation while gaining real-world experiences developing valuable skills for the future.

See the Online Store Project Team.

Find interesting media and products at the IM Store. Three shops with everything from table blink to B-rolls.

The IM Merch Shop
The Digital Shop
The Media Shop