Working Projects

IM students and faculty are currently using game engines such as Unity to create virtual and immersive learning experiences. We are exploring how to make data visualization more relevant and tangible, as well as using game making technology for film making and storytelling.

IM pursues a variety of grant and client opportunities with the hope of giving students real-world experience with media and new media productions. Some IM students and faculty are currently helping with the production of a documentary film about research into WNS – White Nose Syndrome – that is decimating US bat populations.

Film Making
Take a look at the trailer produced by IM students:

IM has an ongoing reef conservation and marine species project titled Absorbed. It’s being developed as an immersive VR educational tool.

Some are working with a client to produce animated models of medical prosthetics designed to educate patients.

Online Publishing
The Spring 2019 Innovative Media Digital Publishing class created an online book based on the best stories from Forge Magazine over the past 20 years. Forge is the official magazine for the Ellis College of Arts and Sciences. The book FORGED FROM THE EMBERS is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Streaming Media
Innovative Media is an interdisciplinary program. IM students work with mass media students and the HSU eSports team to put on live streaming events for charity.
Check out the HSU eSports team streaming event:

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